Give life to a Giant!

Let’s envision the staggering act of Victor Frankenstein apprehended by Mary SHELLEY in 1815: assembling distinct and heterogeneous parts and making a body alive under the impulse of a vital and universal energy, the same energy that pushes humans to constantly surpass themselves, to transcend the limits of their nature. Such creative energy, with its irresistible momentum, is now to be harnessed to infuse science and the arts to depict the journey of human in a unique, complex, dynamic and infinitely adaptable architecture.

Imagine a site assembling an extraordinary theme Park featuring attractions of the latest generation, a cultural and scientific Center dedicated to the artistic and technological innovation, a private school of digital arts bringing the academic and business sectors together, a Motion Capture studio, a versatile and futuristic performance hall, three wholly virtual and modular museums constituting an international research Center for the study of uniqueness of human beings, as well as a field of initiation to mythologies for children: an evolving and multifaceted space of fantasy in which all of the bodies and giant stones coming to life. Visitors are invited to embark on a breath-taking adventure — that is the adventure of human.

The Frankenstein Project divided into two innovative, independent and interconnected spaces: the Frankenstein Park and the Frankenstein Center, is designated for an international audience. The project also comprises the production of multimedia contents, such as feature films, television series for adults and children, video games, merchandising, and so on.

Create a bridge between cultures: a language of mythology

The Frankenstein Project is to be dedicated to illuminating and transmitting the knowledge from our ancestors. That is a universal culture connecting humanity transcending our current divisions, conflicts and borders, considering our contemporary diversity of languages, rules and customs.

Our ancestors, through the telling of heroic journeys or dazzling epics, passed on the virtues that must be rediscovered and shared among us. Mythology is thus a universal wisdom that entails our destiny that joins us together on the face of the earth. Such knowledge that joins us together in our destiny and universe, has been passed on through countless stories and characters with different adventures, hopes and fates. This holistic and universal wisdom which is bequeathed to us, and which we often refer to without knowing it, is called mythology.

In the era of rampant globalisation that posits unprecedented challenges on our future, it is essential for nations to be able to retain and demonstrate their own identities beyond appearances, historicity’s, and stereotypes. The individualities of nations are indispensable treasures that mould our precious foundation of co-existence, without which no viable future can be truly built upon.

Mythology, which always bears universal messages, allows us to revisit our origins. It entails a resolutely modern and forward-looking vision that is already on our horizon.

The Frankenstein Project is a franchise that we aspire to develop on the international stage – is to be materialised in the form of an amusement park and an entertainment Center.
These variations with interchangeable universes use the archetypes, the mythological models and the specificities of each of the great universal traditions to tell a fabulous adventure common to all humanity, becoming by the same standard of each nation who will take it.

So what is it?

To extract the great power of the attractiveness of cultural diversity and the exoticism that it may induce. Indeed, there is a multitude of sophisticated traditions that could allow many approaches to enable the Frankenstein Project to appeal to the international audience.


By investing in a franchise of the Frankenstein Park, the Center or both projects, you are to be a participant in an extraordinary network of sharing and exchange with other theme park operators on other continents.
A nation undergoing the Frankenstein Project is to carry out an indispensable work of self-rediscovery with respect to its own civilisation. Then a renewed and surprising image is achieved. A more complex impression and evolution are to be rendered and revealed to the world.

The Frankenstein Project: The memory of a nation!

In doing so, the Frankenstein Project plunges into the source of all the mythologies that constitute spirituality, philosophy and the cultural soil on which a country or a civilisation ensemble is based. A fantastic discourse, disseminated through a model of an eventful adventure, which the Park and the Center aim to create, is to be presented to the public audience.
In the end, the main idea of the Frankenstein Project is to connect people. It is to highlight what bring human beings together rather than what divide us. It is especially important to pass on the essential knowledge of ancient wisdom to younger generations.

Now you are here to discover the origins of our idea, the elements that influenced it, the explanation of the knowledge conveyed by these unique entertainment spaces, and the detailed tours in the Frankenstein Park and the Frankenstein Center.

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