THE FRANKENSTEIN PARK – How far can we push humanity?

200 years ago, Mary Shelley envisaged an age of human being able to create life from scratch, and penned her story Frankenstein or the Modern Prometheus. Today, such a vision is no longer imaginary amid the recent technology progression that never happened in human history.

Mary Shelley’s novel initiates our reflection on what the world will become and brings up a great number of themes and questions that must be dealt with by science, culture and art. Therefore, with the supports and inputs from Kenzan Studios and Atelier Brodbeck-Roulet, we devise a project of creating a next generation theme park rooted on Mary Shelley’s quest on humanity.

Looking into mythology and science, ancient or modern archetypes like gods, superheroes and fictional creatures, our theme park aims to

reveal the stunning motion of «inner expansion» that has animated humanity since its inception. The park would actively cooperate with innovative companies, international artists and established technological groups to envisage the future.

With the stress on the amusement side of the park, this project is to be an international franchise designed for large metropolitan areas.The park is an embassy, a display window for science and the largest experiential grounds for the use of virtual reality and related new technologies.

This project is very dear to us. We are wagering that the park’s uniqueness makes it one of the most visited cultural, tourist, and amusement sites in the world.

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