THE FRANKENSTEIN PARK – What limits for humankind?

If the visitor could be immersed in a universe in such a way he live and experiment a concept with his own body, he would integrate it much more easily than by remaining a mere inactive spectator.

With the nowadays-technological advancement, such as virtual reality, augmented reality and mechanical engineering, realising such adventure of experimentation has never been so close; this is where the idea of the Frankenstein Project came from.
To materialise our concept, we wanted to deal with a universal subject on which we gave a title: the Architecture of Man or the Inner Adventure. This is a long path of inner expansion that human has followed since his first appearance on earth until the current moment and then the future ahead.
The inner expansion is an incredible need of always pushing back the limits; a peculiar aptitude shared by all humanity.

To convey this wonderful adventure, we relied on the gesture of Victor Frankenstein as imagined by Mary SHELLEY in 1815 in her novel: Frankenstein or the Modern Prometheus.

To speak about the inner expansion, we have chosen the language of mythology, a language commonly carrying a deep meaning to all human beings.
But above all, it must be entertaining and captivating. The first ambition of this project is to immerse the visitors in a universe where the strongest emotions, the newest sensations, the most surprising and joyous adventure are experienced with unprecedented intensity.

The Frankenstein Project is materialized here as a new generation theme park: the Frankenstein Park, a franchise designed for the world’s major metropolises, an embassy of science that actively collaborates with international artists and major technology groups that are preparing for the emergence of the future.

The Frankenstein Park is an ambitious project featuring a grandiose, innovative and multidisciplinary entertainment complex to facilitate a considerable interaction among the general public, the schools, and the local and foreign universities.

Let’s hope that the Park’s uniqueness makes it one of the most visited cultural, tourist, and amusement sites in the world.

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